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Mary Schimpff Webb elected to the FSG Metalsmiths Hall of Fame


The Florida Society of Goldsmiths is pleased to announce the election of Mary Schimpff Webb to the FSG Metalsmiths Hall of Fame!

Mary began studying jewelry making at a very early age. She, along with her mother Frances, an accomplished artist and jewelry maker, worked privately with goldsmiths, jewelry makers, stone setters and enamel artists. These experiences greatly influenced her during her formative years and served as a catalyst for her career in jewelry making.

The team of Mary and mother Frances were at the forefront of the American Modernist jewelry movement. They began to experiment with mixing gold and platinum which was unheard of at the time and pair won many awards for unusual designs.

After Frances passed away in 1987, Mary continued the family tradition along with husband Bruce Webb. The pair toured the outdoor art festivals and entered jewelry shows across the country, earning many honors along the way. In the early 1990's they founded the Northeast Chapter of the Florida Society of Goldsmiths. 

Mary Webb has been plying her art form for more than 40 years. All of her work is hand crafted, including the gems she often shapes herself. She draws much of her inspiration from nature.  She was featured in American Craft Magazine in 1954 in an article titled “Five Contemporary Jewelers.”  Webb is a perfectionist whose modern designs are based on the integration of form and function.  Her use of colorful stones that she has cut herself, are assembled on opposing planes to create rings with incredible sculptural quality as can be seen here:  Webb was the first president of the North East Chapter of FSG and organized the first Winter Workshop. 

Mary Webb has been represented by Arts on Douglas since its onset in 1996. Her work has been featured in a solo exhibition each February for the past 10 years. To view work by Mary, please go to .