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Happy Mothers Day!


I want to wish my Mom and all Moms a Happy Mother's Day!

I also want to tell you about my own remarkable Mother who left us April 24, 2015

Mom was my best friend, my confidant (until she couldn't remember to keep a secret), the one I went to for advice on everything from raising Josh, finances, and everything in between.  We often ended our jabfests with "Now that we've solved the world's problems"...

If you've been wondering why you haven't been hearing from me and Metal Clay Today for awhile, it's because of Mom's health.  I liked to call Mom my ever ready bunny.  She had her first heart attack at the age of 59.  She's survived a major car accident (which took the life of my father), lung cancer, chemo, blood clots, and another heart attack or two. She'd had the last rites at least three times. Her life was truly the gift of modern medicine and a strong will to live!  She was the mother of six and had to raise three of them on her own.

Sometime at the end of 2014, she was diagnosed with Alzheimer. It was something we all knew she had but it was official then. At the beginning of March, Mom was hospitalized.  It was then she was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer.  It's weird seeing the one you love be told they have cancer and not be able to remember it the next moment.  We didn't know if it was a blessing or a curse!  When the Dr. recommended hospice, it forced us to stop, stop everything we were doing, and concentrate on taking care of the one person who had always taken care of us!

We thought we had a few more months with Mom. We planned a lot of things that we would do with her in the time she had left.  Unfortunately, we didn't get the time. She suffered a stroke and heart attack a few weeks ago. Remarkably she survived it.  It left her unable to move her right side, eat or drink.  Remarkable again, even with her limited abilities, she knew each of us, and was able to communicate with us. Mom was 76 when she left us.  I'm sure she's in Heaven right now, laughing and dancing with my Dad! This year they celebrated their anniversary together!

Why am I writing all of this?  Just because!

Happy Mother's Day to all you Moms!