Happy Mothers Day!09-May-2015

I want to wish my Mom and all Moms a Happy Mother's Day! I also want to tell you about m..

Mary Schimpff Webb elected to the FSG Metalsmiths Hall of Fame 11-Oct-2014

The Florida Society of Goldsmiths is pleased to announce the election of Mary Schimpff Webb to the F..

Fall Edition Coming soon!05-Oct-2014

In the upcoming edition, you'll get an opportunity to see the absolutely awesome work of Joy Funnell..

Prometheus Copper Tutorial09-Jul-2014

(/tutorials/Prometheus Copper by Carrie Story.pdf) Carrie Story, metal clay artist and reno..

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Dear Premier Subscribers,

The company whose service we have been using for the Clayer's Club has decided to get out of the webhosting business. We are in the process of moving all Premier Subscribers to our new service provider, Send Owl.  

After your subscription is transferred, we'll be sending you an email with more information on accessing your editions.

We expect to have every Premier Subscriber's subscription moved by the middle of April 2018.  If you don't recieve an email by April 17, contact Tes at editor@metalclaytoday.com. 

Thank you for your patience as we work through the process. The Clayers Club site will remain open for awhile after the move.  We'll notify everyone before the site goes down.

Clayfully Yours,